Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Modernization vertical turbine power systems

Modernization vertical turbine power systems
Says Syed Abdul Basit and Syed Ahmed Ajhkar 2 students among the university group that produce electricity from wind vertical axis turning on the system, this modern city squares, streets and roofs of houses that can be easily installed. Cost of the project is Rs 05, which Mian Nadeem Syed University assistant professor and External Consultant Prof. Dr. Nasim A. Khan ready Abrnagrani. Shall, but you may find the additional power to be ready to extend this further. The project has been designed to support the ongoing research and all teachers who leave their uniqueness in the International Power Generation Conference has won other awards. The group says that in the preparation of students access Ortekl Sheet C generator, PV aluminum structure, the categories that have been used batteries and readily available throughout Pakistan. He said that the power to deal with emergencies of all kinds, including Pakistani students bring their Slahton the car Rua, the government and the private sector led by students who needed urgent.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Web Development

Web Development


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Friday, 5 July 2013

Delhi doctors create software to differentiate malaria from dengue

Delhi doctors create software to differentiate malaria from dengue

NEW DELHI: Indian doctors in collaboration with a Russian lab have developed software to differentiate dengue, malaria and other viral fevers, otherwise a challenging task due to their similar symptoms, an official said on Friday.
The software, developed by a team of doctors from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) and Lab Tech in St Petersburg, is expected to aid in faster detection, reduction in cost of treatment and minimization of antibiotic resistance as only fever-specific antibiotics need to be given to patients. 

    "Doctors face challenges in distinguishing malaria and dengue as both present similar symptoms like high fever, loss of appetite and chill," said Manorama Bhargava, chairperson, department of hematology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. Bhargava, who led the team of doctors, said dengue, malaria and other viral infections peak in northern India around the monsoon and post monsoon seasons. "This leads to recommendation of battery of diagnostic tests and start of antibiotics for all three groups till a specific diagnosis is made, leading to escalation in treatment costs and use of unnecessary antibiotics," she said. A research paper in this regard has been published in June 15 edition of International Journal of Laboratory Hematology - the Official journal of the International Society for Laboratory Hematology. The research is based on a study carried out after analysing 324 samples of patients suffering from dengue, malaria as well as other illness that mimic the two.

EU Approves some Sentences for Cyber Crime

EU Approves Tougher Sentences for Cyber Crime

The European Parliament on Thursday voted to strengthen its cyber-crime laws, with new penalties for running botnets or attacking critical infrastructure. Under the updated rules, hackers will receive no less than two years in prison, with exceptions for "minor" cases, though each country will determine what constitutes a minor case.
--> When it comes to botnets, however, scammers will be subject to at least three years in prison. Anyone who attacks critical infrastructure like power plants, transport networks and government networks, meanwhile, will get five years in prison. According to the EU, the vote builds on rules that have been in place since 2005, but streamlines the penalties and allows for more cross-border cooperation. That includes a new rule that will require member states to respond within eight hours to urgent requests for help from those who are being hit by a cyber attack. A company that hires a hacker to access a rival's system, meanwhile, will be held liable for that intrusion and might lose government benefits or be forced to shut down. "This is an important step to boost Europe's defenses against cyber-attacks," Cecilia Malmstrom, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, said in a statement. "Attacks against information systems pose a growing challenge to businesses, governments and citizens alike. Such attacks can cause serious damage and undermine users' confidence in the safety and reliability of the Internet." The rules were approved by a vote of 541 to 91. EU member states have two years to implement these rules.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Firefox OS Smartphones Launched, But Will Anyone Buy One?

Firefox OS Smartphones Launched, But Will Anyone Buy One?

Firefox OS features grids of apps, reminiscent of the iOS and Android user interfaces.

Mozilla and its hardware partners have begun launching the first Firefox OS smartphones, starting with Spain’s Telefonica releasing the ZTE Open later this week. But can Firefox OS make a significant impact on the current smartphone landscape?
A lightweight mobile OS based on HTML5, Firefox OS (once known as “Boot to Gecko”) offers a user interface instantly familiar to anyone who’s used Google Android or Apple iOS: in addition to home-screens of individual apps arranged on a grid, features include messaging, email, built-in social-networking, maps, and the Firefox Web browser. There’s also Firefox Marketplace, an online storefront of HTML5 apps; early apps include Twitter, Facebook, AccuWeather, and a handful of games.
The software’s supposed “killer” feature is an adaptive app search that allows users to input a particular search term (such as a musician) and receive information from both their phone and the Web (for example, searching for a particular musician might return a song stored on the phone, along with a selection of Websites related to that artist). It sounds a bit like a smartphone-centric version of Mac OS X’s Spotlight or Windows 8’s universal search feature, and it could help those users who have a hard time finding the right content on their device or online.
“The launch of Firefox OS marks an incredibly exciting time for the Web. Firefox OS powers the first smartphones built entirely on Web technologies and will stimulate an inspiring new wave of innovation for the Web,” Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s chief operating officer, wrote in a July 1 statement. “We are proud to deliver an experience for first time smartphone users that will delight them and really put the power of the Web in people’s hands.”
But can Firefox OS make any headway in a mobile-device crowded with options? At this February’s Mobile World Congress, Mozilla claimed that some 17 operators around the world have committed to the Firefox OS initiative, including China Unicom, Sprint, MegaFon, and the Telecom Italia Group. But many of those operators released rather ambiguous statements about whether they would launch an actual Firefox OS smartphone.
Tony Cripps, principal device analyst at Ovum, wrote in a research note earlier this year that “the real acid test for Firefox OS and its long-term prospects is the quality of the software itself and the user and developer experiences that it fosters.” In other words, Mozilla and its partners need to produce some quality devices, paired with a variety of spectacular apps. Some early reviews of the ZTE Open weren’t good, to put it mildly, with The Verge citing “unremarkable hardware” and a “laggy” OS.
If several hardware partners can launch Firefox OS phones with solid hardware, however, and back those launches with well-funded marketing campaigns, there’s the chance that Mozilla’s software could be something other than an also-ran. In addition to Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, Firefox OS faces competition from Canonical, which is working on a version of the open-source Ubuntu operating system for smartphones.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to ensure privacy in the age of HTML5

How to ensure privacy in the age of HTML5

New APIs in HTML5 make it much easier for Web apps to access software and hardware, especially on mobile devices

HTML5, the latest version of the language of the Web, was designed with Web applications in mind. It contains a slew of new application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to allow the Web developer to access device hardware and software using JavaScript.

HTML5 improves Web security, eliminates need for plug-ins
The current state of the Web-even leaving HTML5 completely out of it-includes tracking cookies, Flash cookies and hacked Web sites distributing malware. Moreover, 6.3 percent of Web surfers worldwide (many of them in China) still use the notably insecure Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Most Popular Search Engines

1 | Google 1 - eBizMBA Rank | 900,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 1 - Compete Rank | 1 - Quantcast Rank | 1 - Alexa Rank. Most Popular Search Engines
2 | bing 17 - eBizMBA Rank | 165,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 13 - Compete Rank | 16 - Quantcast Rank | 22 - Alexa Rank. Most Popular Search Engines | Updated 6/1/2013 | eBizMBA
3 | Yahoo! Search 18 - eBizMBA Rank | 160,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | *8* - Compete Rank | *28* - Quantcast Rank | NA - Alexa Rank. Most Popular Search Engines | Updated 6/1/2013 | eBizMBA